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Everything is a Chemistry and anything built by a chemical reaction
There are a wide range of products that you use every day, which is developed with the application of a chemical reaction. for example, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, cleaning agent, etc., are all the results of chemical reactions. 
Examples of chemical reactions for students study chemistry or kids in basic learning schools is important tool o understand chemistry equations and to better recognize the importance of chemistry and chemical reactions in everyday life also people who want to to be aware of being the subject of their common interest, it is interesting to analyze the extremely visual experiences happen in the day-to-day life by chemical reactions.
Below are some of the most profound chemical reactions, which we face in everyday life:

Examples of chemical reactions in our human body and biological processes: 
1. Reactions in Organic chemistry are necessary for medical fields.
All organisms consist of an abundant amount of organic material. The organic compounds in various materials are a vital and important element to sustain life. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are organic compounds contribute to the structure of the human body. Organic compounds are enzymes and incentive materials which are essential for biological processes.

2. Medication is also composed mainly of organic compounds
Your doctor or pharmacist what would be effective if it is not familiar with the structure and function of the organic compounds of organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals and should be understood properly to describe the patient's medication. Many medical disorders occur due to disabling of organic molecules in the body: for example, hemophilia. This disease affects the rights due to the lack in caroxyglutamic acid in the body. This organic compound is essential for blood clotting inside the body. People who do not have this article may die due to a small cut or bruise. This shows the importance of organic compounds in the body. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a very simple example, but very toxic, so that some organic compounds in small quantities can cause death. Doctors must be able

3. The importance of chemistry reactions in the treatment of patients: Organic chemistry is the basis of pharmacy because drug design or simulation medicine natural or improve the medication depends on the chemical organic and the extent of his understanding of this article and he made a new drug or invention and particularly effective and which have few side effects and complications generates millions and made fortunes may be equivalent to the budget of developing countries as a whole
And this is a very important science may call it as Drug design
And depends on the understanding of pharmaceutical chemistry 

4. The process of breathing in the man's lungsDo you know linked to indulge in physical movements with a chemical reaction? This process requires energy, which resulted in a through aerobic respiration. Over here, breathing helps breaks down glucose (energy source) to carbon dioxide, water, and energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Is a balanced representation of cellular respiration equation as follows:
C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy (36 ATPs)

Examples of chemical reactions in micro-organisms, plants, and cells1.Anaerobic respiration processes in micro-organisms our body cells run out of oxygen and breathe anaerobically. This is the cause of lactic acid synthesis, muscle cramps cause, Anaerobic respiration in some types of bacteria, yeast and other organisms. The aerobic type, it breaks down glucose in the absence of oxygen, leading to the production of carbon dioxide, ethanol, and energy. Anaerobic respiration equation is:
C6H12O6 → 2C2H5OH + + 2CO2 energy

2. Photosynthesis of food components in living cells Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants make their own food. This occurs in the presence of sunlight and other raw materials, namely carbon dioxide and water. Harvests pigment chlorophyll and light energy from the sun, which is then converted to glucose by the phenomenon of photosynthesis. In short, it is the opposite of aerobic respiration. Photosynthesis is the equation:

Chemical reaction examples used in industrial processes1. Steel process inherent in iron wherever found Often, I noticed a layer of rust on the iron-plated surfaces, which gradually leads to the disintegration of iron. This is not something, but the phenomenon of a chemical called rust. In this case, iron (metal is very reactive) combines with oxygen in the presence of water (more specifically, the moisture in the atmosphere), resulting in the formation of iron oxides. The chemical reaction can rust behind simply represents the chemical equation as follows:
FE + O2 + H2O → Fe2O3. XH2O

Chemical reaction examples used in your home and everyday life
you can find a list of chemical reactions in everyday life. If you consider cooking, tension, champagne or burning, and there is a chemical reaction accompanied the daily operations. Thus, it would not be wrong to say learning chemistry and chemical reactions begins at home. 

1. Propane grill that you use in your vacation times or weekend. I've been ready to meat than ever in a propane stove? The meat is cooked and put it on the stove with the help of thermal energy released after the combustion of propane gas. Thus, propane is a reactant that when burned with the help of oxygen gives the thermal energy and other products. Check the balanced equation of interaction that take place in combustion of propane gas stove:
C3H8 + 5O2 → 4H2O + + 3CO2 energy
2. Saponification reaction that used to produce soap products and shampoos
3. Solidification reaction used to solidify oils to produce the Ghee.
4. Reactions of forming the table salt: sodium chloride synthesis from its components by synthesis reactions, sodium chloride is called table salt.

Chemical reaction studied in classes of chemistry1. Chemical reaction between the candle wax and oxygen in the air: 
Represents the combustion of methane and oxygen the bonds between atoms in the reactants are broken, the atoms rearrange, and new bonds between the atoms are formed to make the products; and note that atoms are created and not destroyed. 
2. Nuclear reactions used to produce nuclear energy by nuclear fusion reactions and atomic fission reactions

Some chemical compounds may be used as a treatment or common recipes, including...
1 – Ammonia: is an example of simple and most used chemical compounds. It is the abode of the nerves and skin softener and softener and remover of all odors by adding 20 grams of it to 2 liters of water.
2 - Coal and natural sodium chloride downtrodden. Used as a treatment for bleaching teeth and wash teeth twice a day.
3 - Sodium bicarbonate is used as a treatment for female bee stings because it is characterized by the impact of acidic
4 - vinegar or lemon juice is used as a treatment for wasp bees because it has the effect of alkaline
5 - a solution of salt and vinegar diluted... Is used to cleanse and strengthen teeth and gums
6 - salt has several roles in the kitchen as:
• helps to remove adherent dough on a skateboard or by hand.
• placed on the water boil eggs to prevent the eggs from cracking.
• To remove the smell of garlic and onions from your hands
• to extinguish burning oil...
7 - to get rid of ink stains you use lemon juice or vinegar or corn oil until they disappear then wash
8 - a lot of chemical reactions occur while cooking and a lot of those interactions lead to a (food poisoning) as a way of keeping a food item and the type of blood that saves
9 - Biochemistry in the human body happen a lot of vital chemical reactions (enzymes)

Hope you are know what is is importance of chemistry in our life and the common role that chemical reaction play in everything in the universe.
And now you my go to this article to know what is the chemistry?
Later more on chemical reaction definitions, types, how to identify the chemical reactions, ... in addition to many MCQes and problem solve for chemistry students.
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