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20 Physics Theory Examples Application in Real Everyday Life

Here is how the physics represented in everyday life activities, I list here some examples but not all, because physics theories and applications cannot be counted all.
Science student must know that Chemistry reactions are the hidden mechanisms of physics.
Physics activities through the Day:
Wake up in the morning - do I pop up or roll to the side an push myself up? Understanding stress due to gravity and use of leveraging as a mechanical advantage to reduce stress on the back.

I take a walk and am climbing a steep hill with a sandy surface - do I climb on my toes or use the full surface of my shoes? Understanding viscosity and friction and mechanics of moving a mass up a grade.

I am making a hot cup of coffee which seems to spill every time I walk with it. Why? Understanding how viscosity of water changes with heat and not filling the cup as high as I would for a capachino.

A boy has run off with my purse. I pick up a rock. Do I throw it at his head or above his head? Understanding mechanics and trajectories.

Examples list for physics applications in Daily Life Activities

1. A car going down the street (friction between the rubber and the road)

2. A leaf falling from a tree (gravitational attraction)

3. An airplane in the sky (airflow keeps the plane aloft)

4. An incandescent light (electrical resistance)

5. A florescent light (ionized particles)

6. A straw in a glass of water (light bends the straw's image)

7. Water from the kitchen faucet (fluid flow)

8. The TV set turned on (electromagnetic waves)

9. A child riding a bicycle (conservation of angular momentum)

10. A piece of wood floating in a river (density and buoyancy)

11. The Space Shuttle launching (Newton's law of action and reaction)

12. A child going down a slide (normal and parallel force components)

13. Drops of water (surface tension)

14. Inside of a clothes washer after the spin cycle (centrifugal force)

15. Water level in a bathtub before & after you get in (Archimedes Principle)

16. A car up on a hoist (hydraulics)

17. Removing the cap from a glass bottle with a bottle opener (lever action)

18. A fast car and a slow car leaving from a red light (acceleration)

19. A supermarket scanner (laser technology)

You've got to think of one involving heat (that's on you)
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